The present study associates the construction of Concept Maps (CM) in the resolution of a clinical case, as an
educational strategy for a Nursing undergraduate course. Objectives: To set guidelines for the construction of clinical cases for
the development of the Nursing students clinical reasoning, with the construction of a CM; studying the criteria for the
evaluation of this CM; to know the perceptions of the students about the development of the strategy. Methods: exploratory study
on the experience of a qualitative educative intervention. Results: the data collected made evident the feasibility of such a strategy for the elaboration of the clinical case, as well as items to be considered in the evaluation of the CM. From the students’ point of view, it brings stronger senses and meanings to the clinical process of decision-making. Conclusion: The CM is confirmed as a relevant strategy and as a way to integrate multidisciplinary contents involved in the teaching and learning
processes of the healthcare area.
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DE DOMENICO, E.B.L, MATHEUS, M.C; GUTIERREZ, M.G.R. e PICONEZ, S.C.B. Concept Map applied to the development of nursing student´s clinical,Tallin (Estonia) e Helsink (Finlândia). Third International Conference on Concept Mapping, Finland: Concept Mapping: Connecting Educators, 2008